Matt Finucane


Web application for TunedIn Media.

About this project

TunedIn was a multi-platform application delivering TV and film content to users in real time.

Work on this project started in April 2014 and it took approximately 150 days to complete.

The brief

As part of a two person team, I was tasked with creating the TunedIn web application with the following features:

Project planning

With the above features in mind, it was decided to use the following:

Testing and deployment

The application was unit tested with the Mocha test runner, with Sinon used for spies and stubs.

Chai was used as the assertion library and BDD testing was carried out using Selenium and the Xolvio testing suite. This provided a cucumber-like syntax for testing the UI in different browsers.

Difficulties encountered

The one major drawback with using Meteor was that it was designed from the ground up to be a full stack Javascript based framework. Separating the client and server side components proved to be tricky at times.

The other issue was mostly with major updates. Given that Meteor was quite young at this stage, it was in constant flux so even minor updates would break the site and require some time set aside for refactoring.