Matt Finucane

Tekcomms Community Portal

Engineers portal for Tektronix Communications.

About this project

The Tekcomms Community Portal is a knowlege base for telecomms engineers.

Work on this project started in September 2013 and it took approximately 120 days to complete. The project can be seen live here.

The brief

Tekcomms is a software and hardware solutions provider for the telecom industry.

We had to extend the Tekcomms website to provide a password protected community portal and knowlege base for telecomms engineers.

Upon signing in, an engineer would be presented with a customised list of technical documents for the hardware they were working with.

We also needed to integrate the community portal with third party lead generation tools the organisation was using for their clients.

Project development

Our tasks for the project were outlined as follows:

The templates were built using HTML5, with Compass being used as the SASS preprocessor and jQuery used for UI behaviours.

Difficulties encountered

I have written a blog post detailing my experiences working with Drupal.