ProfitBricks Community

ProfitBricks is a enterprise cloud infrastructure provider.

During my time as a freelancer, I worked on several projects for ProfitBricks (now Ionos) including infrastructure for managing servers and a community portal for their users.

Here are the projects I had worked on for them:

  • The Odin APS Package was a UI based module that allowed hosting service providers to resell hosting services to their customers. This module leveraged the ProfitBricks reseller API and users could provision and maintain servers.
  • My main tasks in working with the community involved rewriting an implementation of the ProfitBricks driver for the Apache Libcloud project. Apache Libcloud is a Python library that provides a common interface for managing servers remotely. This rewrite was to faciliate the latest features offered by the new version of the ProfirBricks REST API.
  • An ongoing task was to maintain and add improvements to the ProfitBricks devops website. Improvements included a new drag and drop feature for uploading images with content, refactoring the style of the website and writing technical documentation for the two drivers mentioned above.
  • As part of the release of the new ProfitBricks REST api, a Rancher UI component driver was created in Ember.js to interact with the Docker Machine driver and allow the user to provision and monitor their VPSes.