Matt Finucane

Monoqi Business

B2B platform for Monoqi.

About this project

Monoqi Business is a wholesale platform used to connect designers and their products with international resellers.

Work on this project started in November 2014 and it took approximately 45 days to complete. The project can be seen live here.

The brief

Our task was to work with the back end Magento developers to overhaul the existing website.

Project planning and development

We set about with the following in mind:

With those in mind, my job was to create the various product list pages (with filters), the product detail pages showing all combinations of a type of product (size, colour etc).

I also created the user authentication and purchase flows. We used Sketch as our prototyping tool.

Deploying changes

We used git flow to manage the branches for our features and fixes. Git flow automates common tasks when it comes to a multi user-project. Once we had finished working on a feature or hotfix, it was merged into the develop or master branches respectively and deployed using Jenkins CI.