Matt Finucane

Meteor Contentful

Meteor package to connect Meteor and Contentful.

About this project

This is a package I built to synchronise data from Contentful to MeteorJS based single page applications and websites.

Work on this project started in August 2015 and it took approximately 30 days to complete. The source code for the project can be seen on Github. The project can be seen live here.

The brief

Contentful is a web based PaaS that provides content management services along with an API to manage this content.

When I was building several MeteorJS based websites I had the need to make content editing much easier.

I needed a solution that was easy for non-technical people to work with and modular so I could integrate it into many projects.

I also wanted to be able to easily push changes from their service to my module so the website being edited would receive updates without the need to redeploy.

Project planning

After researching the options available to me at the time, I opted for Contentful for the following reasons:

When working on a portfolio website, I started to build the basics of a package that would interact with Contentful and keep content in sync.

Once I had this working, I separated out the code and created a standalone package I could then add to other projects.

Features this package offered

Development, testing and deployment

As this package was being developed, I used the Ngrok HTTP tunneling tool so I could expose my local development machine to Contentful.

Testing was carried out using a combination of SinonJS for creating stubs and spies, Chai for assertions and Mocha as the test runner.

The package can be found on Atmosphere.