Matt Finucane


Cross platform mobile web application.

About this project

The 3Football app provided users with the latest news, match fixtures and a live match tracker for the Republic of Ireland squad taking part in the 2012 European Football Championships.

Work on this project started in April 2012 and it took approximately 40 days to complete.

The brief

This application delivered team news, fixtures and results and live match tracking as well as user submitted content.

Time was of the essence and we needed to create a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices with the following features:

Project planning and development

We went about building the project with the following:

Difficulties encountered

We encountered the usual difficulties with using a cross-platform Javascript framework for creating a mobile application.

Performance was an issue in some areas, especially when it came to rendering lists of data for the live match tracker.

Tapping on a video did not always mean it played correctly. This was especially apparent on entry level Android devices. We solved this by listening for taps on videos and loading a new intent view that would parse out the video URL and play it using an embedded YouTube video player.

Tapping on links would navigate the user away from the app but leave it running. This would leave the user stranded and they would need to close the app and restart it.