Matt Finucane


I am a full stack web and mobile software engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

I have been building websites and applications since the early 2000s and I graduated from Dublin City University with a BSc. in Computer Science.

I have worked with a wide variety of people both in-house and in agencies with clients all over Europe and the United States.

I am a strong advocate of Open-source software and make regular contributions to the community.

In my spare time I like to create my own websites to keep up with the latest web technologies and I also like taking photos and teaching others about web development.


Current setup

My current hardware setup is as follows:

About this website

The idea behind this website is twofold, to give a quick overview of my skills and experience and also provide more in-depth information as needed.

It was built using the Hugo static site generator which embodies these principles of engineering that I adhere to - simplicity, elegance, performance and openness. Credit must go to Anna Christoffer for designing this website.

I am registered in Berlin, Germany with VAT ID #DE300353050. All opinions on this website are my own and content is © Matt Finucane 2019.

I respect you and your privacy as a visitor to my site. This is why I don’t have any analytics or tracking tools installed and I will never place ads on this site.